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It’s been a while since my last post. I have checked this site quite often for visitor stats and such, and I have also produced much I would love to talk about, but haven’t had the time needed.

Since I am going to have a ten-day period of less pressure, I thought I could just put off my sleeping for five minutes tonight and come back to blogging.

These past three months have been quite dynamic. I had final exams, started working as a programer (although I have been learning more than coding anything significant), and even had a one-week vacation.

As far as coding goes, I have built a small app for genealogy that lets a user to enter family members’ info such as first and last name, birth date, profession, and such as well as some crucial info to make dynamic family tree generation possible. This I did using PHP.

Another, one page, but nice app I coded is one that lets a user pick dimensions of two matrices, and if the matrices happen to be addable, the application lets the user put in the matrices’ values and calculates the resulting matrix. I do not think many people have difficulties with adding matrices, but this is the first step towards building an app that visualizes the process for multiplying matrices, which I do think someone would find helpful. This, too, was written in PHP.

Anyways, I will work on my code, and make it better, before I post it and let everyone use it, if they desire to.

This time, this is it. Take care.

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