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Apache won’t start and IIS is the problem

Alright. For studying purposes, I have IIS installed on my computer. For work, I need xampp installed.

I have been trying a couple of days to change the port Apache listens on. There is not much difficulty in changing 80 to some other number on lines 46 and 176 in httpd.conf in …/xampp/apache/conf However, Apache would refuse to start even after that. After a few futile attempts to change Apache port, I decided I’d try changing IIS port.

Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Internet Information Services opens a Window. This window has two panes, the left and the right. On the left, select Web Sites. You will see on the right Default Web Site and information whether it is running. If it is, just stop it. Once you stop it, go start Apache in your xampp control panel. This should start Apache. However, if you want to access Apache index page, make sure you add the port it listens on if you have changed it in your httpd.conf file.

Basically, at least in my machine, I have to start Apache while IIS is not running. If IIS is running, seems like it won’t allow Apache to start even if the port Apache listens on is different from the port IIS listens on.

Also, even if you change the port Apache listens on, when you start it on your xampp control panel, what you’ll see is ‘Apache started [Port 80]’

There is a XAMPP.C file inside your xampp folder (you’ll need to navigate to find it in src folder). On line 236 of this file, 80 seems to be hard coded. I assume that changing that line and compiling the file would allow one to change what xampp control panel shows.

Anyways. I just thought I’d put this in my blog for someone who might need help, as well as for my eventual reference in the future.

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