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One more reason to cherish the time we live in

I have been at the consuming end of so much art for so long now I should start putting out something 🙂
Well, I do not have the intention of becoming an artist, but the prettiest words and sentences I could come up with, I would use to thank Skunk Anansie for their art and creative work 🙂

I mean it! Skin’s voice is amazing. Her performance alongside Pavarotti of their “You’ll Follow me Down” is incredible. No one song of theirs is such that I’d not want to hear again. More accurately, I have listened each and every one of their songs multiple times because I like them… because the first time I listened one of their songs, just to check it out, I liked it a lot. And their work is unique. I haven’t yet heard anything that sounds anything like them. Given the amount of creative work produced in our time, one would think that there must be someone whose work resembles that of Skunk Anansie, but, nope, never seen yet. They are great!

I wrote that yesterday, and today I was watching Skunk Anansie’s Charlie Big Potato video. Some commenter there suggested that the video is very similar to that of Prodigy (another group that I like a lot) for their song Breath. Well, I have watched both videos multiple times and never noticed the similarities, but now that others pointed it out, I see that there actually is some similarity… I guess this just goes to show how cool the two songs are that they just shut down that part of my brain that should notice the similarities, hahaha. Or, perhaps, how forgiving we tend to be of inconsistencies in our judgement when we are judging something or someone we like a lot.

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